Dually is the 2 groups professional capsule coffee machine, compact and very versatile. Easy to use, thanks to the large touch screen, Dually is the ideal solution for offices and small locations, such as bars, kiosks, hotel breakfast rooms and restaurants. It has a professional look and high performing steam and hot water wands.

Dually can manage different types of capsules, even with closed system, and dispense a wide variety of beverages, besides hot water for tea and herbal teas and steam. It is possible to use both coffee cups, on the tilting grids, and latte macchiato glasses. It also has a cup warmer and an independent tank. It will be available in Espresso Point®* and Nespresso®* versions.

  • 2 independent brewing units for different types of capsules, even with closed system
  • professional steam (controlled by knob) and hot water wands
  • possibility of using coffee cups on the tilting grids and latte macchiato glasses (h 150 mm)
  • cup warmer
  • separate drip tray and exhausted capsules container for each of the 2 groups
  • 50-70 beverages daily