With many years experience in specific suppliers equipment we are able to source and identify great machines at significant savings.

Our offering in used equipment is varied and we offer complete bun and bread plants for extruded breads as well as standard "European" style breads and buns. 

We offer single unit items such as bread dividers through to complete Mc Donalds bun plants or 10,000 loaf an hour bread plants. 


Our teams recently dismantled a 2,000 dozen buns an hour bakery in HONOLULU, HAWAII and relocated it to the Middle East. This included all equipment from the external flour silos through to final packaging.At the same time we supplied an assortment of new equipment like dough troughs,pan trucks, bread make up lines, coolers


In NIGERIA we engineered, supplied and installed one of the largest bakeries in Africa supplying up to 4 million sausage rolls a day, extensive refrigeration and freezing and 2 snack chip lines.

In MAINLAND CHINA we supplied Mc Donalds bun production equipment to Shanghai as well as the Beijing plants of East Balt China. 

In CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA we supplied the equipment to produce Mc Donalds and KFC buns including the new outdoor silos and final hopper scaling systems 


In the MIDDLE EAST we are currently installing a completely relocated High Speed Bun line to produce hamburger and hot dog rolls and fully refurbished bread line supplying a complete industrial bakery consisting of a bread and roll plant from Silos to packaging. 

Coolers relocated and installed in a full bread and bun plant. 

The key with used equipment is to let us know what you require and we will source this for you within both your budget as well as your level of competence and desire to either refurbish and install it yourself or to have use to on or both. Equipment that comes on the market moves very fast and is snapped up so it is always good to be ready to proceed as soon as we source your required equipment. 

Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we will use our global network of suppliers to source your required equipment directly from the source bakery to avoid high intermediary prices. Quality used equipment is always available if you know where to look  but taking fast action once it is found is critical to securing it.